Saturday, November 19, 2016

I was concerned, mostly angry, for the better part of two weeks- and not for the reasons you think. It seemed so many people were collapsing with the vapors, yet they had enough energy to write an endless stream of bodily function jokes about what’s happening with their government.

I’m finally starting to see some grown up proactive stirrings.

You have 719 days to vet a good number of your representatives in the Senate and the House. It’s all on the internet.

Learn their legislation and voting records. Support people you like and kick out people you don’t like. Actually, replace “you like” with “who stand for what you believe’”. This isn’t the MTV Kids Choice Awards.

The Superdelegate system is the DNC’s own Electoral College, except it’s more arbitrary and deaf to the vox populi. It doesn’t take a Constitutional Convention, one of the hardest acts of government to coordinate, to get rid of it. It’s only been around since the 70’s. It was designed to prevent what it has now become.There’s an internal reform package currently on the table, but it’s just as convoluted as any bureaucratic measure.

Make your voice be heard by your midterm choices. If you want the Superdelegates system dismantled by 2020, then make this issue be loud and clear at every Town Hall Meeting, Greasy Spoon Photo Op and wherever else they’re on camera.

The DNC is a private organization, so they can’t be held criminally liable for what they premeditatively did to Bernie Sanders and his followers. Right now they can nominate a bag of potato chips if they want. Tammany Hall still lives, it’s just that the back rooms aren’t smokey anymore.

Little by little, this was all allowed to happen. Too many people tend to be willing to look the other way as long as they get their way. Then comes the day that they don’t. Then “don’t” becomes “can’t”.

It really is up to you. This isn’t a locker room pep talk. This isn’t a lifestyle coaching seminar. This is your life.

Or you can assume somebody else will do it and you can spend the next four years writing ‘Trump’s farts smell like Hitler’ jokes.